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From Young Beginnings-old

Peter Conna – Mentor, Business Owner, Presenter.

Peter started out as one of those young over achievers, speeding his way up to General Manager of a business consultancy company by the tender age of 22. Restless for more variety, he turned his hand to working with many large companies of various industries in production, branding, national sales and marketing. By age 27 it was time to spread his wings into the entrepreneurial world of small business. Peter created and published a quarterly magazine as well as creating national conferences and expos for the health food industry. He consulted for major brands and national chains to build up brand strength and increase the bottom line.

What Peter did with all his spare time is what has become a life long passion. He flew around the world attending personal development, business, wealth creation, relationship and human psychology seminars, workshops and retreats with some of the world’s leading speakers. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as frequent flyer points exploring what is now the driving force behind human success and personal fulfilment. To save money on expensive art work, Peter decided to decorate the spare wall of his beach side home with Diplomas in Financial Services, a Bachelor of Business Degree and a Masters in Education along with diplomas and certificates in training, coaching and real estate to name a few.

In 2001 Peter founded and built one of Australia’s first and best coaching companies where he has trained over 1,000 coaches as well as presenting to over 35,000 people on how to create an amazing and fulfilling life that they love. The results that his clients create through attending workshops designed by Peter, as well as personal mentoring with him, have been profound and vast.

“It has been an incredible labour of love and I still enjoy coming into the office to see my clients more than the day I opened the business.”

These days, Peter specialises in mentoring small to medium business owners in rapid start-up and business growth strategies. He is passionate about helping clients find a career that inspires them, whilst bringing balance and harmony to their health and relationships. He loves helping clients double their income and find more peace in their lives.

At other times he is either playing golf, training for marathons, bending himself into a pretzel at yoga or skipping along the beach with his three daughters. Sometimes he even buys expensive art to decorate the walls of his  beach side home.